In the post-epidemic era, people seem to start to care more about more personal entertainment. Household products and garden design-related products are gaining popularity day by day. Against the background of this era, our floating putting green has become one of the best-selling products of the year in the past year. Many people buy it and put it in their own swimming pool to play water golf games with their relatives and friends. Both adults and children like our design very much. Concise and of high quality. There are also many people who buy it for their friends. As the most special gift, friends will be very surprised when they receive it.

Of course, some people have made suggestions for improvement. Thank you very much to our customers. They suggest to wrap the edge of the golf floating green with turf and use a lighter bottom material. We communicated with the designer as soon as possible and made improvements based on the customer’s suggestions. It’s a great idea.


At the same time, we are also cooperating with youtube channel gm__golf and Good Good. Garrett and his friends are very satisfied with our products and hope that we can continue to cooperate in 2022.

In 2022, we launched the new golf putting green-EVIL SHARK. The new product adopts a new color scheme, a unique shark pattern, and is more durable in material, waterproof, fireproof and easy to store.

If you cannot go to the golf course due to the epidemic, Evil Shark golf floating green is a good choice for practicing golf. Try new swimming pool games with your family and hold an unparalleled pool party.