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3 Tips To Choose Right Golf Balls For You 2020

by haisong zhang 17 Sep 2020 0 Comments

In the past few decades, golf club technology has undergone unprecedented advancements, but most people believe that golf balls is more important than anything else in changing the "modern" game.

Compared with golfers of a few years ago, golf balls today show amazing performance in terms of distance, control and spin.

In fact, golf balls alone makes today’s great players incomparable with some legends, because these legends play far more inferior balls, and many people believe that golf balls is the most important thing in modern games. factor. Good golf balls makes the game a lot easier.

Of course, even from a performance point of view, the golf balls available today are very different, and golfers must still determine the most suitable ball for their game.

Looking at the function of different balls from a technical point of view and how they are designed for golf courses is part of the ball selection process. For lower-handicap golfers, their way of working will become more and more important, and their game is more about precision and control.

However, just like golf, personal preference will also play an important role in determining the ball suitable for your game.

Before making your choice, please consider the following three factors:

1. Budget VS. skill level

Frankly speaking,...the bigger the obstacle, the more likely you are to lose your golf share on the course. Therefore, it is wise to find the best ball that fits your budget. Each major golf manufacturer offers multiple branded series that can provide high performance and are ideal for any budget. Having said that, there is a reason why high-end golf is more expensive. They are simply the best. But high-quality balls are not only suitable for low-handicappers. High handicappers can also benefit from high-quality balls because of their ability to spin and go longer distances, as well as the softness around and on the green. However, when choosing a ball, sticking to a budget is a good idea for everyone.

2. Feeling of yourself

Different golf balls have different feelings according to their respective designs. It’s worth pointing out that balls from different manufacturers with the same budget range can also provide a very different feel. Some people feel soft from the driver, while others feel firmer, as well when playing from around the green. The most obvious difference between golf balls is when putting. What kind of feeling do you want to bring to golf? After answering this question, through research and trial and error, you can find a ball that suits your preferences. However, don’t ignore feeling when making a decision, because feeling is an important part of golf.

3. Make a promise

My biggest worry is when a golfer who claims to be serious tells me that they don't care what kind of ball they play because they will use whatever they find. We have all been there and did it. But at some point, if you are really serious about your game, it's time to decide on a ball and stick to it for a while. When you frequently change the type of ball, you will constantly need to re-adapt to new feelings, which is not conducive to obtaining stable results. This can be particularly detrimental to your short games and putts, and certain aspects of the game depend largely on the feel. Therefore, find a ball you like and stick to it. If you do this, you will achieve greater success.

The good news about golf is that there are many good options on the market today.

Finding the right ball for your game may require some moderate experimentation, but if you take the time to find a ball that performs well and that feels up to your expectations, you will be able to play continuously and be confident that it will satisfy Your needs in the course.

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