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Lesmart Women's Pants Reviews

by haisong zhang 13 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Finding the right pair of women's golf pants is a constant struggle. It can be tough to find a pair of pants that are comfortable, boast enough stretch for a round of golf and actually look good in the process. We recommend a highly acclaimed ladies golf pants to you -- Lesmart Women Tailored Stretch Golf Pants

These pants have received a lot of praise, and we have also found some representative reviews from them.

I usually wear a size 14 (like Levi), but ordered a 16 since most golf pants are tight on my thighs. These are nice and comfortably loose on my thighs, which are thick, and my butt, which is big, but since my waist is much smaller, they are a little too loose on my waist (I'll have them taken in probably 4 inches). I'm super happy with the fit, because fitting pants are really hard to find, and this is pretty optimal for my figure. They're not super stretchy, but have more of a silky polyester (90%) feel. They're very light in weight, but not see-through. I got the dotted pattern for a fun print, and it was one of the very few prints I was able to find. These are also a little long (I usually wear a medium length with boots, a short length with shoes, and I'd probably consider these a long).
If you're tall, with a thick waist that matches your butt and thighs, the 16 might be perfect. If you're shorter, with thinner thighs, you may want a size 14. The size seems pretty spot on for what their sizing suggests. ---- Harper Rue Tivoli

Very nice quality pants for golf. I could not find any in the stores that were my size and a serious lack of choice. Certainly not at this price point either. While I would prefer a more tapered leg these are straight (as said) and at 5’2” they are a bit long. Will be easy to fix length. I usually wear a size 6 in jeans, however I ordered a size 8 in these. A wee bit to large around the waist, but I still do think a 6 would have been just slightly too small. Nothing a belt can’t handle nicely. You’re supposed to wear one anyway. A little roomy for my butt and thighs. --- Grindle

At the same time, we also received some video reviews from customers.

We hope that through these reviews can give you some reference, if you feel good, you can try our products, and we believe you should not be disappointed.

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