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Reviews About Lesmart Golf Practice Net 10' x 7'

by haisong zhang 07 Apr 2021 0 Comments

In the past year 2020, our golf practice nets sales have achieved a breakthrough, and more and more people have had a happy time with our products during the covid-19.

At the same time, we also received various comments, good and bad. We hope to get more feedback through unused sounds, so as to continuously improve our products and provide golf lovers with a better experience.

We have selected some constructive comments below.

I can hit any club, including driver into this net. I have it setup in my garage, as winter has arrived. I would strongly suggest adding some pipe insulation (grey tube with a slit on the side) to the base bar. I hit a drive thin and the ball came back fast. Almost took my head off :-) I also put some cardboard on the garage floor to prevent balls from bouncing on the cement floor. Great practice for the winter! Wish I had some idea on distance hit. The radar tracking devices don't seem to have come quite far enough without spending thousands. I think I can gauge how straight I'm hitting based on how the ball comes back off the net. ---- Richard A. Danna

For the price, The net is superior quality. The frame should be fine if you treat it properly. It sets up in about 1 minute, 2 if you have a beer while doing it. Really that easy. The problem I have is the height. The posts are 7' and there is a little sag. If I'm hitting wedges then I have to be "really close" or I'm sending the balls over top. If you need a net of this dimensions then it is fine. If buying again I would choose the option with out the striking pad. ----- Terry L. Wagner

This is a solid net for home use. Can e assembled in less than 5 minutes and is able to take a lot of ball strikes. Be careful to not install the net upside down though. It will put a seam right in the path of your ball flight. That seam is prone to tearing. -----  J. Moore

I purchased this net so I could work on my golf swing on the days I can’t get to the course or range. I can’t believe what a great net it is and it’s cheaper than other nets of the same quality. It’s extremely easy to set up and take down. Both of which can be accomplished in just a few minutes. It comes with a carrying bag the net can be placed in when not in use. It provides a wide surface so if you mishit the ball you can easily tell by watching the flight because it will go either right or left but still will be contained by the net. However, be sure not to stand too far away from the net or you can launch the ball over the net into the neighbor’s house like I did. Also, be sure to use new balls because balls with scuffs will mostly like start to cut through the net. The turf that comes with it is very average at best and the ball will sit above your feet so I suggest just purchasing the net and buying a separate hitting surface which I ended up doing. Overall, I think it’s a great net and I highly recommend.  -----  Bridge

If you have better suggestions for our products, you can contact us in time, we will improve in time according to the actual situation, and look forward to your letter.

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