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Swimming Pool Golf Game?

by Xinhua Jiang 01 Sep 2020 0 Comments

What's swimming pool golf game? You must say, it sounds good, but what the hell is that?!

Okay, swimming pool golf game is a hole-in-one for the golf enthusiast! Float the practice green in the pool and hit the balls from poolside. Like this ↓↓↓

Lesmart Golf Floating Green Pool Game

Designed to float on water,  this putting green is made using sturdy latex and polyester construction, so it holds up through years of fun play. Chipping mat included, the green has floating balls to ensure younever lose one and is lightweight, so it's easy to store and transport on family outings.

Slip on your swimsuit and grab your golf clubs! Now great chipping practice can occur right at the comfort of your pool. This premium putting green turf and fringe make this floating golf green an upscale addition to your pool. Golf enthusiats will love the professional look and feel of this short game practice area. You can even hold your own pool-side competitions. Perfect for the golfer in any family.

In the heated summer, whether you are hosting a summer party or spending time with your family, it will definitely bring you a lot of fun. Of course, you can also give it to your friends as a gift, it will be definitely a perfect choice.

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